Covid and Shipping Updates

As you all prepare for re-openings of your shops, we are gratefully seeing order levels increase to that near the holidays! We very much appreciate your continued support and love.
While our amazing printing team follows CDC guidelines, as do our blank shirt suppliers, we hope you understand that there may be delays in shipping your order. We are also seeing suppliers sold out as a sad reflection of Covid shutdowns. I will do my best to keep you updated on any sold outs.

The following information is provided so your boutique business can post realistic timelines to meet the expectations of your valued customers:
  • Turn around Production timeline: This has been updated to 14 business days. Bulk orders of $200+ could be additional business days. Please email me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this timeframe at
  • USPS Notification: Priority Mail 2-3 day service will now be EXTENDED to 3-4 days. You will still continue to receive product tracking, keep in mind packages are delayed or not scanned due to postal workers being overloaded.

Please remember. . . .We are working hard for you and will not let you down. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the businesses that have been impacted by this pandemic. We hope you stay safe and keep moving forward like the Boss Babes you are! 

Sandy & the Wild Lucille Apparel Team

12/2020 Update:

Production Time: Because we make every piece of jewelry by hand, our production time fluctuates throughout the year based on order volume. As you can imagine, the very large increase in online shopping has kept us busier than ever before (and we're so grateful!) but it also means that our production time is longer than it normally would be during a different time of year. We are working very hard to ship holiday orders within about 10-12 business days. 

Shipping Method/Shipping Time: The shipping method is separate from our production time, which is the time needed to hand make your order. We generally ship USPS Priority or FedEx Ground. Generally Priority takes 2-4 days and FedEx is similar. However, because of the very large backlog of packages this year, those shipping time estimates are pushed out substantially. Unfortunately, we cannot control this and once your package is shipped, USPS or FedEx is responsible for final delivery (from the length of time it takes to the route the package takes on its way to you). 

Why is shipping so slow? There are a few reasons for this.

1. The very, very large increase in customers shopping online this year because of the pandemic has created a backlog when stay at home orders began and Americans began ordering PPE and other supplies online. 

2. Postal workers and shipping employees being required to follow covid-19 social distancing guidelines

3. Reduced workforce in post offices and shipping centers as many workers (like many Americans) catch covid and must quarantine & seek medical treatment

4. Reduced air traffic, which has directly impacted the shippers' ability to get packages across the country in a timely fashion. 

What can we do? One action that has proven helpful to customers in the past is signing up for email or text updates directly from the tracking page. It might sound like voodoo, but signing up for these updates can sometimes "shake loose" the package and the system updates & starts showing more up to date tracking information. 

We totally understand the frustration of slow delivery, lack of tracking updates, and having to wait longer than normal for holiday gifts to arrive. We are so incredibly grateful for your support of our small business this holiday season!