I don't own a boutique, how can I get myself a Wild Lucille Tee?

Ask your local boutique to carry our brand, and send them to our website!

How to I take care of my printed Teeshirt?

Here's a few tips that will help your clothing item last a long time and with the same bright looking design:

  • Washing: Wash inside out with cold water with similar colors using a gentle cycle
  • Ironing: If ironing is necessary, iron inside-out on the lowest setting Drying: Tumble dry low or hang-dry
  • The big No-No's: Avoid using bleach and do not dry clean

What is your Privacy Policy?

You can read the Privacy Policy at the link on the bottom of each page.
Copyright - Please be polite and respect that the designs are original and copyrighted and do not illegally copy any designs you may see here. 
 Images may not be copied, re-produced, sold or used in any illegal activity. Wild Lucille Apparel/Lucille Bird & Co designs are copyrighted and any company or individual that copies Wild Lucille Apparel/Lucille Bird & Co designs can expect to receive a cease and desist order. Copyright is a federal law of the United States that protects original works of authorship. A work of authorship includes literary, written, dramatic, artistic, and musical and certain other types of works, for example original art for teeshirts. Copyright attaches as soon as the original work is created, and applies to both published and unpublished works. Copyright is an automatic right and does not require the author to file special paperwork, as is the case for trademark and patent. As a matter of right, an author is not required to register anything to get the right to use the copyright mark which shows the work is copyrighted.