About Wild Lucille Apparel


Hi! I'm Sandy (nice to meet you!), owner and graphic designer of Wild Lucille Apparel. 

My mission at Wild Lucille: To bring western and boho fashion to the woman who wishes they lived in the heart of Nashville, who dreams of large open land. Even downtown girls have rural dreams and the Wild Lucille customer is one who is modern and trendy, with a kick of western.

Orders are shipped 5 days a week all over the world from our print office in Texas + our line is carried in retail boutiques and stores across the United States, Australia, Canada, and more!

And what's more, I only sell printed finished products at wholesale only, so the graphic selection is original and unique, not found anywhere else! No etsy, no transfers, no crappy vinyl. Just artisan original quality printed apparel, hats, decals, and accessories for your store. 

Get Wild Lucille teeshirts in your shop as quickly as you can, you'll be so glad you did. And so will your customers. Apply for wholesale...let's get you some tees!

Wild Lucille can be reached Monday-Saturday at Sandy@WildLucille.com for questions and information.


Thanks so much!